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Where is the best place to buy macca nuts? -

Where is the best place to buy macca nuts? - is one of the frequently asked questions of those who are looking for a reputable, quality place to buy macca nuts to stick with for a long time.

Where is the best place to buy macca nuts? -

Macca nuts are a type of seed with a very high nutritional content. If barley is considered as the mother of nuts, then macca nuts are considered the queen of nuts. Macadamia nuts contain a lot of vegetable oil (78%) much more than other nuts, moreover in the oil of macca seeds up to 87% are unsaturated fatty acids in which there are Many types of unsaturated fatty acids that the human body cannot synthesize. These types of unsaturated fatty acids when entering the human body will help us reduce the amount of cholestrol in the blood, reduce cardiovascular diseases, help us have a healthy heart.

Currently, macca nuts are sold in many places in Daklak, with good quality, poor quality, causing many consumers to be confused about where to sell reputable macca nuts, where to buy macca nuts. Best.

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In order for you to avoid taking time to dive and explore, today, Damaca would like to introduce the natural macca nut product by Damaca Nguyen Phuong Joint Stock Company in Dak Lak processing and production, ensuring the food safety, large and round natural seeds, manually stamped and passed the best testing process, so that the nutritional ingredients, cheap price, quality, no smell, delicious seeds are guaranteed. , ensure brittleness.

hạt macca đăk lăk nguyên phương

Macca nuts of Nguyen Phuong Dak Lak

What are the characteristics and differences of the macca nuts purchased at Damaca Nguyen Phuong?

  • According to the research of experts, the nutritional content of macadamia grown in the Central Highlands is assessed to be higher than that of Macadamia seeds grown in other regions and countries.

  • Macca Dak Lak Nguyen Phuong always checks and controls the quality of input seeds, eliminating unqualified seeds from harvesting to finished products and products reaching customers.

  • Production time, packing, transporting fast, not storing for long, macca nuts are always new, fresh, and not hard.

  • Manually cracked and cracked one by one, moderate cracks are easy to separate by hand, not sticking to sawdust like the products on the market.

  • It has a natural aroma, texture, fat, sweetness and crunch, as is the inherent characteristic of seeds.

  • The product is dried according to the closed drying technology, so the nutritional content in the seeds is almost unchanged

  • Production has clear origins, no preservatives.

In addition, Damaca Nguyen Phuong also provides wholesale and retail other macca products here

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