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Buy gifts for teachers on November 20 to thank teachers meaningful & economical -

November 20 every year is an opportunity for generations of students to express their gratitude to the teachers who have been mentoring and teaching themselves to be human. If parents and students are wondering what to buy meaningful and economical gifts for teachers on November 20, the following article Damaca would like to give you some suggestions that are most suitable for you. Selection.

Buy gifts for teachers on November 20 to thank teachers meaningful & economical -

What gifts should I buy for teachers on November 20 this year?

Damaca would like to suggest you some meaningful and suitable gifts for teachers, please stay tuned!

1. Fresh flowers: Gift for teachers on 11/20

Fresh flowers seem to be a gift 11/20 that teachers always receive the most on Teachers' Day in Vietnam. The bright flowers as a grateful words send thousands of thanks from students to those who taught them to grow.

hoa tươi 20-11

Fresh flowers for teachers on November 20

If you are smart, you can buy flowers to decorate the baskets for teachers. Also because flowers are a traditional gift so far chosen by many people. If the teacher receives a bouquet of flowers that you decorate by yourself, then make sure the teacher will smile happily.

2. Book bag

One of the 11/20 gifts for teachers that many people trust and choose is a school bag. A new pair of books is a great 11/20 gift idea to show the care of students for their teachers.

túi sách 20-11

Book bags for teachers on November 20

3. Ao Dai fabric

Ao dai is a traditional Vietnamese dress, ao dai is also a great gift-giving idea that no one should ignore, this costume, Vietnamese women can be honored with charming lines. most without losing the inherent elegance. Ao Dai for some schools is also the outfit that teachers wear to class every day. Ao dai is considered a very meaningful gift 11/20.

vải áo dài 20-11

Ao Dai for the occasion of 20-11

4. Teapot set

A beautiful set of teapot will make the homeowner love it more and more confident when inviting guests to play and is an indispensable item in the living room of every family. The teapot seems to become an unforgettable story or memory in the teacher's heart.

bộ ấm trà 20-11

This gift teapot set is special when the giver is a pupil

5. Confectionery, luxury food

A simple gift, but it also needs to be meticulously selected, that is, the candies, high-class foods. High-class confectionery and food packages that bring health values ​​that both beautiful and new night foods can make teachers extremely happy and interested.

macca đăk lăk nguyên phương

The macca set is good for health

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6. Shirts

Whether it's the teacher or the teacher, the shirt is still a gift to choose from. When choosing shirts you should choose shirts with simple patterns and popular colors that are easy to combine with different types of pants or skirts to make it easier for teachers to use them.

áo sơ mi 20-11

The shirt is also a gift students should consider

7. Tie

Not only that, but this gift also shows your attention when choosing the best tie for the teacher. A tie is also a great idea when you choose gifts for 11/20, ensuring your teacher will be extremely surprised when receiving this meaningful gift.

cà vạt 20-11

A meaningful gift tie for teachers on November 20

8. Cosmetics

Cosmetic products are also a popular choice when giving gifts to teachers of all ages. There are many options to suit a wide range of costs, including individual gifts or collective representatives. In addition to the familiar products such as shower gel, shampoo, we recommend you to choose new products such as hair care products, lotion, cleanser, sunscreen, costume set. points, perfume ... This gift has the meaning of gentle concern

nước hoa 20-11

Perfumes for teachers are also good ideas

9. Shawl for teachers

A scarf will be a warm 11/20 gift in the midst of a changing season, to show your interest in the teachers.

khăn choàng cổ 20-11

The towel will help teachers stay warm and can continue to teach well

Hope the above 11/20 gift ideas will help you. Teachers are inspirational and teach us many things, so please take this opportunity to show our gratitude to them.

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