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Box of Nguyen Phuong Macca kernel 250g

Box of Nguyen Phuong Macca kernel 250g

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Ingredients: 100% natural kernels, 250g

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Box of Nguyen Phuong Macca kernel 250g

1. The cause of the seed is not broken, white, crisp and delicious

2. Ingredients: 100% natural macca seeds.

3. Packing: Vacuum Zip bag and box with 250gr handle

4. Suitable for use in the family or pregnant women, giving gifts to relatives.

5. Can make ingredients for baking, cooking milk.

6. Store in a cool place, away from direct sunlight.

7. Use within 10 days after opening the bag, should be refrigerated if not used up.

8. Use directly after opening the bag.

9. Expiry date: 12 months


- Prevent the risk of cardiovascular disease
- Prevention and support in the treatment of diabetes, high blood sugar
- Prevent cancer cells
- Beauty skin, effective in losing weight and getting in shape
- The fiber in seeds helps the digestive system
- Provide minerals and vitamins to the body
- Canxi additional
- Rich in protein for a healthy body
- Helps develop young brain during pregnancy and weaning.
- Improving milk for women after giving birth


Everyone can use dried macca nuts!
Especially for the following subjects:
Women who are pregnant or preparing to become pregnant
Children in developmental stage
Women are breastfeeding
People with cardiovascular disease or a history of cardiovascular diseases
Patients with diabetes or signs of illness
People who are obese or overweight
People often have headaches

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