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What is macadamia nut? the effect of macadamia like? -

Macadamia is the full name for macca nuts. It has nutritional value and has great effects that macadamia brings. Let's learn more about what macadamia is and how it works? for our health.

What is macadamia nut? the effect of macadamia like? -

1. What is macadamia (macadamia) seed?

Macadamia, also known as macadamia, contains a lot of plant protein, rich in Omega 3, 6, 9 and more than 20 essential vitamins and minerals for our body, a popular plant originating from Australia. The nut has a hard brown shell, the kernel is about 3cm large, milky white, sweet taste. Nowadays, it has been imported and planted in other countries, Vietnam is also one of them, especially the Central Highlands climate is considered to be a favorite to help the tree grow well and give large fruit.

quả mắc ca đăk lăk nguyên phương

The Macadamia Fruit of Nguyen Phuong Dak Lak

Macadamia nuts are seeds containing many high nutritional components including:

  • Vitamins: The vitamins in macadamia are A, C, E, B6, B1, B2, B3, B9 ... These are essential substances for the development of the body. Especially to help the functions of the organ work more stably.
  • Omega: The Omega in macca is omega-6, omega-7 and omega-9. These are very good fatty acids for the body. We can only supplement from the outside. Because the body cannot produce it.
  • Minerals: Including calcium, magnesium, iron, manganese ... Each type has its own effects on the body. Iron, for example, will help your blood production more fully. Calcium helps keep bones and teeth strong.

Thành phần của hạt mắc ca

Ingredients of macadamia nuts

2. Effects of macadamia like?

It is very difficult for society to distinguish today from clean food. This makes people wary when shopping for food. Macadamia (macadamia) is first on the list of essential grains for the body.

Help pregnant women and children replenish the missing substances

Two objects that we have to take special care of every day. Because if the deficiency lasts longer, it will cause the disease to recover. Specifically, causing fetal malformations from the womb, malnutrition and rickets in young children ...

Helps with weight loss and keeps body healthy

Many people must always abstain from eating because they are afraid of being fat, losing weight is always a top concern for women and with macadamia (macadamia) will fully add nutrients and energy to the muscles. without ever gaining weight.

In addition, macca nuts also create many other good for health. Furthermore, this nut is useful for all special subjects. Such as: people who often suffer from constipation, people with cardiovascular disease, people with diabetes.

Has the effect of beautifying the skin

Macadamia oil contains 22% Omega 7 Palmitoleic Acid which is the preferred oil in skin care. Macadamia oil can be used to replace mink oil - one of the "miracles" for women's skin. Not only skin care but also macadamia effect is good for your body.

Tác dụng của hạt mắc ca rất tốt cho sức khoẻ

Effects of macadamia

3. Note when using macadamia nuts (Macadamia)

When enjoying macadamia while they are still in the pod, if you eat, you should eat the pre-peeled macadamia nuts, you should choose those that are vacuum-sealed in a zip bag and well preserved like Damaca products.

Do not leave the macadamia near smelly products because macadamia will absorb the fishy odors very quickly.

Store macadamia in a cool place such as the refrigerator cooler or store it in the freezer to extend its shelf life.

You should divide the amount of macadamia evenly to use during the day, every day you should eat about 28g macadamia nuts.

Should eat macadamia before meals to promote intestinal absorption of nutrients, in addition to help you reduce appetite.

Hopefully through this article you already know what macadamia is and the benefits that macadamia nuts bring. This is a very healthy seed, please use it for your family regularly.

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