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Side effects of the song that we need to know -

Can not deny the use that macadamia gives us. Besides, if you eat the nuts improperly, it will also bring us side effects. Let's find out what that is!

Side effects of the song that we need to know -

What is macadamia?

The macadamia nut is the type of seed with the highest nutritional value today, the shell of the macadamia kernel is very hard and thick, the tip is pointed and contains 1 to 2 seeds inside. Ranging from 2 - 3cm in size, the seeds are round and fragrant.

Macadamia nuts contain a lot of additional nutrients that are good for the body. So, with regular use of nuts, you will not worry about nutrient deficiencies.

Macadamia nuts contain many plant proteins, rich in Omega 3,6,9 and more than 20 vitamins and minerals essential for human health. That's why macadamia is called "Queen of dried fruit".

The important mineral composition can be mentioned as: 1mg iron, 2mg copper, 2g protein, 4g fiber, 53mg phosphorus, 37mg magnesium, 3mg vitamin B1, 1mg vitamin B6.

Hạt macca có giá trị dinh dưỡng cao

Macca nuts have high nutritional value

In addition to the undesirable uses, but if you do not know how to enjoy it properly, they will cause great harm to your health.

Side effects of macca nuts

In macca nuts there is a very high oil content. Up to more than 80% can be the highest in the dry nut world. It will cause sore throat, dry throat, and even constipation. This doesn't just happen when we use a lot of macadamia nuts. All kinds of seeds contain high amounts of oil such as walnuts, almonds, cashews, sunflower seeds, melon seeds ...

The best time is to use it in the morning 6h30-9h. Because of this, our small intestines are best able to absorb substances.

And it is recommended that adults we should consume about 10-15 seeds per day. As for children, a maximum of 10 seeds should not be eaten. Because when using a lot, the body does not absorb all the nutrients inside.

Sử dụng hạt macca không đúng có thể dẫn tới tác dụng phụ

Incorrect use of macca nuts can lead to side effects

Who should use macadamia nuts:

  • Pregnant woman and people preparing to become pregnant
  • Women are breastfeeding
  • Children in developmental stage
  • People who are obese and overweight
  • Diabetes patient
  • People with cardiovascular disease and a history of cardiovascular disease
  • People often have headaches
  • Women in beauty and menopause

How to use macca nuts?

The macadamia seeds can be eaten raw when they are old, the macadamia shell is very hard, so if they want to eat the macadamia nuts, they must be crushed.

Macadamia nuts are nutritious and nutritious, currently macadamia nuts are processed in many forms, are pre-peeled and split martial.

How to use macadamia nuts:

Instant macadamia seeds only need to lightly peel off the shell, then eat the kernel, you can use Macadamia seeds to make cakes, make chocolates, press for oil ... better when putting macadamia in the microwave with light heat and then peeling off to eat , will taste more delicious and flavorful.

Reference product: Macca Dak Lak Nguyen Phuong

Every morning and afternoon, eating 4-5 macadamia nuts will make the skin smooth, youthful, reduce Cholesteron to help circulate blood vessels, reduce plaque accumulation in blood vessels and anti-aging very well. Special help Supplement a large amount of calories needed for the body.

hạt macca đăk lăk nguyên phương

Macca nuts of Dak Nguyen Phuong

The experiences when buying macadamia nuts

  • The skin of the macca should not be too shiny
  • Macca must be of uniform size, not too small or too big.
  • The macca shell is not crushed, the shell is still wrapping the inner core
  • Macca must have a clear source of imports, by reputable companies
  • The outer packaging must contain clear information, manufacturing date and nutritional information

Where should I buy macadamia?



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