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Distinguishing old and young macca when harvested -

Macca is the most nutritious seed of all dried seeds, to distinguish young and old macca of the fruit to collect the best quality macca, Nguyen Phuong Macca will guide people to harvest macca most effectively.

Distinguishing old and young macca when harvested -

Currently in Vietnam, the Central Highlands and the Northwest are two regions with the climate and conditions suitable for growing Macca. And like many other agricultural products, macca seeds need to ensure a correct harvest method to ensure its quality.

When Macca seeds start to ripen and fall, one month before, we should clean all the grass on the garden, to remove branches and other impurities. The young seeds that are shed and the pests need to be cleaned up, so that they will not affect the quality of new seeds when they fall.

Note that about 4 months before, farmers are also not allowed to use organic materials or decomposed manure on trees. Because this reduces food safety because the seeds are contaminated with microorganisms.

To ensure the quality and value of the macca seeds that are about to be harvested, farmers pay attention to harvest to ensure the old macca seeds completely avoid the case that young seeds will not be sold.

Signs that ripe Macca fruit can be harvested, we check the inside of the pod and the outside of the seed coat. Then the inner bark of the fruit will change from white to brown and the outer shell of the pod will change from light brown to dark brown, then the Macca fruit will begin to ripen and fall, when peeled fresh, the inner shell. Black chocolate color, peel and seeds are not sticky, seeds inside are glossy. The old seeds guarantee the value and ensure the nutritional content.

hạt macca già

Old macca nuts (ripe)

In contrast, the fresh inner crust, when peeled out, is milky white, the seeds and fresh shells have a sticky layer, the hard shell of the seed is not glossy, still sticking a white plastic layer; Too many young seeds will have a yellowish-white color. Young macca seeds will not be purchased because the seeds are not of sufficient quality for production.

hạt macca non

Young macca nuts

The ways to harvest macca seeds are as follows:

1. Harvest the maca pods from the tree

Macca, if not falling to the base, its fruit will be vibrated, beaten until it falls to the ground or falls on the silver lining under the tree canopy. People also need to pay attention because if harvested late, it will lead to germination on the tree and cannot be used as food for Macca seeds.

Within 24 hours when the Macca fruit has been harvested, it is necessary to peel off the Macca seeds and temporarily dry to avoid the fact that the kernel will ferment or rot. If you do not peel the Macca fruit within 24 hours, it is necessary to spread the thin layer and fan to help ventilation, avoid direct sunlight. The peeling is also very easy, just use a pestle or a wooden stick with a sharp edge to hit the fruit and the fruit will crack. Should not be pounded, drawing will cause the seeds to crack.

2. Collect the fallen fruit from the ground

Depending on the care conditions and ecology, the ripening and falling time of the Macca fruit are not the same. If the plants flower from January to March, usually from July to September, the fruit will be harvested. If flowering in September, October, the fruit will be harvested around February to March.

macca đăk lăk nguyên phương

Fresh macca on the tree

After about 1 week, you will harvest the fruit once and we need to arrange a suitable Macca nut collection schedule so that the Macca seeds are not moldy. If the weather is wet for a long time or if the seeds are exposed to sunlight, the distance between two harvests will be shorter.

When Macca pods fall, they need to be brought early to avoid quality effects due to the attack of mold or the rancidity of the oil in the seeds, even if the seeds are germinated if lying on the ground for a long time.

The process of harvesting macadamia nuts is simple but also requires full compliance to ensure that quality Macca nut product is delivered. Currently, Nguyen Phuong Damacca - Macca Joint Stock Company is the supplier of high quality Vietnamese macca nuts with professional harvesting and processing processes, ensuring delicious roasted and dried macca products with content. High nutrition (tested and proven results).

macca sấy đăk lăk nguyên phương

Macca Dak Lak Nguyen Phuong

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