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Macca Dak Lak Nguyen Phuong launches new products -

The new products of Damaca Nguyen Phuong Joint Stock Company include salt-roasted chestnuts, roasted almonds, and salted cashews.

Macca Dak Lak Nguyen Phuong launches new products -

With the aim of diversifying products and bringing customers the best quality seed products. Damaca Nguyen Phuong Joint Stock Company officially introduces to domestic and foreign consumers dry nuts products such as: Roasted Salted Chestnuts (USA), Roasted Almonds (US), Exported Vietnamese Cashew Nuts, Mix nuts, ...

Damaca new products have a clear origin, quality assurance, and delicious taste; Damaca seeds will satisfy even the most demanding customers. Here are some new products of Damaca Nguyen Phuong:

1) Roasted almonds (USA)
Ingredients: 100% raw roasted almonds - no preservatives. Suitable for eating directly, making milk, baking, cooking ...

hạt nhân rang

American roasted almonds

2. Cashew nuts with salt (VNXK)
Cashew nuts with salt-roasted silk are processed by the traditional manual roasting technique "Freshly roasted cashew nuts". Cashew nuts are carefully selected from the neighboring gardens of the Sieng and Khome ethnic groups.

To get the delicious roasted salted cashew nuts need to be very meticulous. First, you must choose the firm cashew nuts, use a hand knife to split the hard shell. Next, to see how crisp the seeds are sun-dried to choose to add or reduce salt to make the cashews evenly ripe.

People who roast things skillfully, choose the right salt, the right salt ratio will get the cashew nuts just right. Cashew nuts are not too well, not too pale, the kernel is shiny, delicious and beautiful.

hạt điều rang muối

Cashew nuts roasted with salt

3) Salt-roasted chestnuts (USA)

- For a healthy heart, reduce the risk of heart disease

- Reduce the risk of diabetes

- Rich in antioxidants

- Improve immune system

- Helps healthy eyes, prevents macular degeneration

- Iron supplement helps to increase blood circulation

hạt dẻ rang muối

Salted roasted chestnuts


4.Mix nuts
Includes chestnuts, macadamia, almonds and salted cashews.

Hạt tổng hợp

Synthetic seeds

5. Ngoài ra Damaca Nguyên Phương cho ra mắt sản phẩm macca sấy nứt và macca nhân đóng hũ 200gr nhỏ gọn và rất tiện lợi trong khâu bảo quản

Macca sấy nhân

Macca kernels

mắc ca sấy

Macadamia drying


Damaca commits to return the goods if the product is not of quality!

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